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USB-C Kit - Versions

(last updated on 22.10.23)

All versions work the same. There are slightly different install instructions for each version though.

Starting 22.10.23 your version number will be written on the paper sheet inside your order. If it's not written, you have v3 or older.

  • v3.1: Latest version. It's the same as v3, but I manually cut a part of the stiffener so you don't have to do it. This improves the alignment when a USB-C cable is plugged in.

Older kits have their version written on the backside of the long part leading to the B2B connector.

  • v3: The part is even smaller to minimize fitting problems. The USB-C connector has been upgraded to a well-known brand: Molex. There are improved stiffeners on the part to avoid weird bending. Metal spacer is not needed anymore.
  • v0.2: Large majority of the parts sold so far have this version. The guide and video match this version. Compared to v0.1, The part was made slightly smaller so that it fits better inside the case.
  • v0.1: Only sold a few of those on already installed cases, so intructions where not needed. The guide and video match this version.